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A Klez Act
Story and Dance for a New Jewish Tradition
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Music and dance for everyone
Jacob Bloom of A Klez Act leads Klezmer dancing, New England dancing, Contra dancing and Square dancing. He also tells stories and writes songs. Jacob will come to your school, synagogue, church, library, wedding, community group, party, or anywhere you need great music, stories, or dance. Contact Jacob Bloom and A Klez Act at jacob@aklezact.com.
What is Klezmer dancing?
Klezmer music is a musical tradition which dates back several centuries in Eastern and Central Europe. Jewish immigrants brought it to this country, where it was influenced by jazz, and influenced the styles of jazz musicians such as Benny Goodman. After nearly disappearing, Klezmer music was rediscovered by a new generation of musicians in the 1970's and is now being enjoyed by people of many ages, religions, and ethnic groups.
Dance was a vibrant and important part of this tradition. Many Klezmer tunes were written specifically for group dances such as the Freylach and Bulgar, couple dances such as the Korobushka, and a square dance called the Sher. Jacob is very excited by the opportunity to bring this world of music and dance to the 21st century American public.
What is Contra dancing?
New England Country Dancing, also known as contra and square dancing, has been danced in New England town halls and grange halls without a break since the seventeenth century. Since the 1960's it has enjoyed a revival, and is now done around the world.
Who is Jacob Bloom?
Jacob started contra dancing in 1974, and has been calling since 1977. He has combined his knowledge of Klezmer dance, which he learned as a teenager and at Klezmer music conventions, with skills developed as a leader of traditional New England dance. He has called evenings of contra dancing set to Klezmer music, as well as evenings of Klezmer and Israeli dance.
Dance for beginners
Jacob's two decades of dancing, choreography and dance calling let him choose dances that work for all participants. He has created and modified dances in both the New England and Klezmer traditions towards that purpose, and is particularly adept at helping groups of beginners enjoy themselves while dancing.
Writing and performing dances
Jacob has also been a Morris and sword dancer for over two decades, and has taught these English Ritual dance forms to adults and children. Jacob has toured in Europe with the English ritual dance team The Black Jokers, and the New England dance performance group The Green Mountain Volunteers.
Dances Jacob has composed have been included in the books Zesty Contras, published by the New England Folk Festival Association, and Gems, published by the Country Dance and Song Society of America.
Dances and Stories available from Jacob Bloom
Klezmer Dance and Music
An evening of dancing from the Klezmer tradition, for all. Jewish dances from Eastern Europe, with newer dances from America and Israel thrown in. Klezmer draws from a tradition of music and dance which dates back several centuries in Eastern and Central Europe.
Contra Dancing & Square dancing
Known as New England country dancing, contra dancing, square dancing or barn dances, it has been danced in New England town halls and grange halls without a break since the seventeenth century. Since the 1960's it has enjoyed a revival, and is now done around the world.
Family Story Telling
An evening of stories from Jacob's family and others, used as a framework to encourage audience members to tell stories of their own families
Old Country Stories
Jacob offers music from the old country and tells stories of the role music and dance played in daily life in the old country. After his words, he leads dancing that brings that world to life!
What people say about Jacob Bloom's dances
"Thank you so much for sharing our wedding day with us. We had a great time with the square dancing and have received many comments about how much fun it was."
"Your warmth, skill and humor helped make our Sukkot square dance a very special evening. The folks at Beth El can't wait for a return engagement!"
"We want to thank you for a wonderful evening! Everyone of the 56 people who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Your skill at intermixing different types of dances which answered the needs of your audience, combined with your ability to build a relationship with the audience made the evening a huge success."
"I was impressed with your good humor and willingness to adapt to all comers throughout the morning. ... I was surprised at how much you were able to actually teach in a very short period."
"The dances were challenging, great exercise, and loads of fun!"
"As usual - a wonderful evening!"
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We provide dance calling, storytelling and music for your group or event. We take commissions for dances, music and songs for weddings and other special occasions. E-mail Jacob Bloom and A Klez Act at jacob@aklezact.com.
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