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Dances and Stories available from Jacob Bloom
Klezmer Dance and Music
An evening of dancing from the Klezmer tradition, for all. Jewish dances from Eastern Europe, with newer dances from America and Israel thrown in. Klezmer draws from a tradition of music and dance which dates back several centuries in Eastern and Central Europe.
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Contra Dancing & Square dancing
Known as New England country dancing, contra dancing, square dancing or barn dances, it has been danced in New England town halls and grange halls without a break since the seventeenth century. Since the 1960's it has enjoyed a revival, and is now done around the world.
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Family Story Telling
An evening of stories from Jacob's family and others, used as a framework to encourage audience members to tell stories of their own families
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Old Country Stories
Jacob offers music from the old country and tells stories of the role music and dance played in daily life in the old country. After his words, he leads dancing that brings that world to life!
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Contact Jacob Bloom & A Klez Act
We provide dance calling, storytelling and music for your group or event. We take commissions for dances, music and songs for weddings and other special occasions. E-mail Jacob Bloom and A Klez Act at jacob@aklezact.com.
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